I think getting a spinning wheel was a VERY good thing for me right now. I needed something new to do, a new creative thing to rejuvenate my crafting spirit. My poor jewelry table is very neglected, but I can’t sit there and work on necklaces when I have wool to spin into lovely, lovely yarn.

I finished my 2nd skein of yarn tonight. It’s another small one measuring only 39 yards, but I’m still proud of it. I used a bonus batt of wool from Hobbledehoy that she had sent to me with a previous order. Once spun up into a single (see below), I plied it with some rainbow, shimmery thread that a local art teacher gave. So basically it’s a free, practice skein. I couldn’t be happier with my 2nd skein. I can see some things I would do differently next time, but it was practice, and I refuse to be hard on myself.

I am in denile that the weekend is at an end. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday with my mom. We talked, we went to the store (that is a VERY long story involving wheelchair carts provided by the store that do more harm than they help), drove around, ate burgers and drank milkshakes in the car, and watched copious amounts of tv (any amount more than 30 minutes a day is copious to me as I hardly watch TV and usually stick to DVDs). It was a good visit but a very, very exhausting one. Until the radiation and chemo shrink that friggin’ tumor down, my mom’s lost the use of her left side. Basically that means any time she needs up, I have to help. I don’t know how nurses do it because I’m beat.

Today was spent working for the man. Actually, part of it was hardly work at all. I was lucky enough to have (I say “have” loosely) to meet Itzhak Perlman at the airport. I almost got to go to lunch with him and his pianist, Rohan De Silva, but I had to get back to work to set up for a reception. Yes, ask me how pissed off I am about that. I missed out on fried chicken with Itzhak for a Sunday lunch because I had to set up for a reception. The reception was great, but I’m sure, very sure lunch would have been better.

Ah well. At least I met him and rode around Fayetteville for a bit with him. I’ll at that to my list of why my job is better than most.

Well, I’m off to shower, pop some Advil (my back is killing me) and hit the sack. Goodnight, all.

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