Wipes Me Out

I had set a goal for my self this past weekend to photograph all of my earrings that had less than stellar photographs. This should have been easy. I was planning on sitting down next to my window and photographing them, one by one, until all were up to par. Little did I know what a lofty goal that was.

I managed to get a sizable amount done. At least enough to update my store between now and the show next weekend. However, I did not even come close to getting them all photographed. Hopefully all the ones I didn’t take pictures of will sell at the show and I won’t have to worry with them. All was not lost, I really like the new pictures and have posted a few of my favorites here. You can find all of these in my shop.

The Sweet Boy bombarded me with quite the question when I got home tonight (no – not that question). His best friend has been in town for the past week. He lives about 5 hours away and has another summer left before being finished with college. While he was here, he mentioned briefly considering moving back to NWArkansas. I suppose that idea stuck.

I was asked if I would consider looking at a larger house that perhaps he could live in too. This is quite the question. As irritated as I get with our house here (the leak coming from nowhere, the ants this time of year, the drafts, no central heat or air, a bathroom with no vent or no form of heat, etc etc etc) I do love this place (It’s old, has character, has the best dirt for my herb garden EVER, has an arch way between the living and dining rooms, hardwood floors, etc etc etc). Sigh – I’m going to have to think on this one. As long as I have my crafting area, a good kitchen, and a garden spot, I suppose I’m good with the idea. I’ll be doing a lot of thinking over the next month.

10 thoughts on “Wipes Me Out

  1. That’s a tough one–the house thing. If I could stand the other roommate, the thing that would push me over the line is the unheated bathroom. I lived in the most charming, adorable dollhouse for several years. Not extremely old, but built in 1921. Most of its flaws just added to its character. But the frigid bathroom…*shuddering to remember*Erin, your new photos are fab. LOVE the background. But the earrings themselves are the best part. I am so digging the bead wraps with the little seed beads.

  2. Okay, who’s paying heidianne jackson, and how much are you paying her?? I think the biggest question about the roommate idea is this: “do you want to room with a man-person that you aren’t in a relationship with?” The Sweet Boy and you have understandings about cleanliness and schedule and such… the new man-person won’t have these understandings. That said – you’re not so rigid you can’t do it. Go for it – you might find a bigger place with a/c!

  3. HAHA – manperson.Thankfully, this manperson is very considerate and clean and likes to cook. This manperson likes legos and comics like my Sweet Boy. It might be a good arrangement for a couple of years.

  4. This ought to make your bathroom feel warmer: the house we moved from in NH was a converted closet due to the house being 112 years old and built before indoor plumbing…and insulation….and windows that fit in their frame…..and did I mention that it gets to 20 below zero in the winters there? Nope, no heat in our bathroom either. *shivers at the memory!*Heidianne, go adopt LOTS of Idylls goodies! She does amazing work!

  5. I don’t share my space well, so I’m not a good one for an opinion on sharing a house. We let some friends move into our house when they needed a place to crash for a few months. All in all, it worked out well, and our friendship DID survive. And it was just exactly what they needed to get back on their feet again. But by the time the 4 months was up, I was ready for them to be out of there. Of course, I’m also the girl who can’t go to sleep if there is ANYONE still awake – either in the house or out on the town and expected in later. I’m also the girl who had to put electrical tape over the clock on the VCR because it made too much noise. I’m also the girl who made her husband re-anchor the pipes under the house because they made too much noise when said roommates had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I’m guessing you get the picture…

  6. Hi Erin, I just looked at your shop and think the photos are fabulous. They give a very clean, clear all-around impression (all-around impression? Dah, hear the German speaking.). The house problem is a hard one. I’ve lived with a boyfriend and his best friend once and will never do so again. It just didn’t work.

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