Up To Something

Judging by the pictures of my purchases today, I’ll be up to my ears in jewelry making tonight. I knew I would be since I took a break from my craft show prep to go to a plant sale at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, Farmers Market, and Springfest today. I then went out for some groceries which takes a me a bit longer with my reusable bags (not sure what the meltdown is with some baggers when you hand them the environmentally friendly bags).

It’s just one more week until the show… actually, less than a week. It starts on Friday and will go through Sunday. If you are in the NWArkansas area come see Punkinhead and myself at our booth at the Spanker Creek Fair May 2-4.

2 thoughts on “Up To Something

  1. Good luck on the upcoming show!! I know you’ve spent a lot of time prepping for it. I’ll be thinking “Ka-ching” (the sound of a cash register) for you all weekend…

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