Is The End In Sight?

I want to start this post by stating that I have been good to my body this week. I started this week thinking I would not have time to go to Jazzercise and would only have time to come home and work on stuff for the fair this weekend. However, I’ve gone to Jazzercise both Monday night and tonight. Guess what – I didn’t have time to do that and get ready for the fair.


Here is it, 11PM on Tuesday night (way past my bedtime) and I’m blogging about not having time to do what needs to get done. Yes, it’s so bad that I’m blogging about it. I have manage to price my earrings and bracelets. While doing so, I found two bracelets that need new clasps as I wasn’t happy with the ones on them. I put those aside to work on tomorrow night. I didn’t even come close to pricing my necklaces OR finishing the ones I started the night before last.

I have one night left until set up day for the fair. I do believe tomorrow night will be a take out pizza night and if the Sweet Boy even thinks about tempting me with some Sopranos on DVD, I will show my ugly side.

End of story.

8 thoughts on “Is The End In Sight?

  1. Breathe in… Breathe out… You’ll get done what you can get done. What absolutely has to be done in order to do the craft show? What falls on the *nice to do list*? What things can you do during the first few slow hours of the craft show? Just do the things that HAVE to be done first, and then work down the list in descending order of priority.

  2. Good luck on finishing what you need to get ready for the fair! How stressed you must feel! But it will be good in the end, I bet!

  3. I love the earrings in this pictured. I’ll be looking forward to hear about the fair over the weekend. I haven’t done any of those yet. Just private home shows. And yea, I’m always feeling I don’t have enough time to do everything I want. That’s because there is too much I want to do. : )

  4. after all of that work, I’d say that take out pizza and Sopranos is not only justifiable, but earned :-)Take a breather and relax a bit before your show, you’ll do great!

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