Spanker Creek Arts and Crafts Fair – a review

I made it to the end of another craft fair in one piece, although, the tornado warning in the town the fair was in on the night we set everything up had me questioning if one piece was even an option. I should know better. Arkansas has proved itself to be the tornado capital of the US this year and Thursday night was no exception. Many people lost their houses, some lost their loved ones, and all I was stressed about was a silly tent at a fair. I really do have a lot to be thankful for.

Like – candy apples!… Ladies in ill-fitting overalls with rubber boots to match… HUGE St. Bernards that shed more than any cat I’ve ever owned and our linens for the booth tables just happened to be perfect pet hair magnets… Neighbors who should keep their traps shut because no one wants to hear it… Hand painted Snoop Dog teeshirts (not really hand painted, but I’d like to pretend that everyone had to be juried to get in just like we did)… and some amazing Oakly knockoffs for $5. Yes, Spanker Creek Arts and Crafts Fair was a fleamarket with dogs, caramel apples and some great people watching.

I suppose the only way to know this was to try it out for ourselves. I’m not sure I’ll be doing any spring show in this area again as I’m sure they are all similar to what we experienced. I’ll be putting my time and energy, and God knows I put a lot of both into this one, into fall fairs only. Please, someone remind me of this post next spring when I start talking about doing another spring fair.

I didn’t do horribly – I sold some bracelets, saw some great members from my Etsy Street Team, AREtsy, and got to sit and talk with friends and family. Oh, and if we had not had to go to the fair, Punkinhead (my sister) probably would not have produced the AMAZING sign for our trio of crafters that you see above. Thankfully it wasn’t a total waste.

I’ll be looking forward to posting what did not sell in my shop later this week – so please check back for some new items.

2 thoughts on “Spanker Creek Arts and Crafts Fair – a review

  1. Even when things don’t go the way you expected, you always make me laugh, girl. And now I’m hungry for a candy apple.The banner rocks, by the way.

  2. I haven’t done any spring shows yet either, so good to know… but, it sounds like you had fun either way… ;)Hang in there, can you believe fall is right around the corner! This year is just flying by… omg!♥

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