Digging My Heart Out With a Spoon

Ever since my first time to watch Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, I’ve had a crush on Alan Rickman (I think it was the nasty line about digging Robin’s heart out with a spoon that hooked me). He plays the bad guy SO well and, as we all saw (come on, admit you watched it and loved it) in Sense and Sensibility, he plays the luvable nice guy even better and looks quite nice while doing so.

Yes, Alan Rickman is tops in my book.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. I found the coolest shop on Etsy called IHeartSeverus. Why, yes I do! And if you aren’t a fan of Severus but still secretly wished that Hogwarts was a real place and that someday you’ll get the acceptance letter, then that shop is still for you. They have customized acceptance letters, diplomas and more.

Harry Potter fans, hold on to your wallets and run over and see what there is to see.

WARNING: If you haven’t read all of the books, please note, there is a HUGE spoiler in this shop so enter at your own risk.

8 thoughts on “Digging My Heart Out With a Spoon

  1. how long have we been sisters!? I LURV Mr. Rickman… oh how I fantasize about being Emma Thompson in Sense & Sensibility. He makes my heart flutter, seriously. Maybe even more than Mr. Depp. And I’m printing that picture off for my desk.

  2. Haha! We’ve been sisters for 27 years, you just moved away and left me in Texas during my “getting a personality” years.

  3. Ohhhhhhh. Yeaaaahhhhh. He was perfect casting for Snape. But I loved him way back when he was the villain in the first Die Hard movie. And even more as the Voice of God in Dogma.hot hot hot

  4. oh man… I need to watch Dogma again! I’m just here to see that picture again. I may start visiting more often…

  5. I have to watch Dogma and Love Actually now and possibly blog about my Rickman crush. *sigh*btw, I saw him in London…..jealous?

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