Beer and Steak

I started a forum thread in the Etsy forums last night about all of the sugar coating that goes on. Yes, there is a time and place for being nice and I’m not a mean person, but enough was a enough and I started a thread about it. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who shared those feelings and quite the jovial and lively thread was hatched.

The gist was that so many people post about how they have only had umpteen sales over the course of the year and they are closing, or how they don’t think they have good items and would like input, etc etc etc. The “everyone is nice and good” part of me wants to believe that these sellers honestly think this, but after some research and further reading, I think the “boo hoo” threads are a GENIUS marketing tactic.

I decided to just throw it out there that if I could get a few sales, I could buy some beer and steak for Memorial day grilling. Instantly, I sold the necklace above. I’ve thought about taking a picture of me with my beer and steak on Monday and emailing it to this purchaser. Yes, she knew I was joking – we were all joking about the new and very successful marketing tactic we had witnessed.

But I have to say, next time I see a homeless guy with a sign that reads “need beer money”, I think I’ll give him a dollar. At least he’s being honest.

3 thoughts on “Beer and Steak

  1. Gosh, Idyll, can you tell me why I’m not selling anything in my Etsy shop? I work so hard at it, and I list every day, and I try to take nice photos. Why don’t people buy???(waiting for my sale to magically happen now…)BWAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I agree that many of these posts seem like lame ploys to get traffic to their shops. On the other hand, if it works – beer and steak for everyone!

  2. LOL! That is true. That really is a cute necklace! I would rather someone say needs beer money than I have four hungry kids if they really don’t. Just be honest!

  3. Ha! Very true, and I’ll raise you one…I *never* chime in on the IRL conversations about how I hate my hair and nails, body, belly, dog and spouse when they are blatantly compliment fishing…I simply say, “Oh that’s too bad, I love my __!(insert something) Always shuts them up-if you don’t like it don’t talk about it, be about it! I enjoyed your blog and will return! Enjoy your steak, we’re having beer and spicy tofu/lentil burgers!

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