Very Excited

I sat down to make some jewelry today. It was the first time in over 3 weeks that I’ve sat at my craft table for more than packaging up items to ship off to people. I was very excited about the necklace above. I’ve had the square things (pieces of old slides?) for a while and recieved the lockets this past week. I had no idea the two would go together, but they did and now I’m pleased to introduce you to “Window to my Heart”. I’ll sell them as is and the buyer can put a picture in the locket of their true love, pet, favorite food, Johnny Depp. Whoever. It’s up to them.

Some of my other necklaces I came up with today are pictured as well. I love love love sitting at my craft table and not drawing blanks.

8 thoughts on “Very Excited

  1. Having all my crafting time devoted to shipping out my items… If only!!! Yeah, I’m not feelin’ so sorry for you… :)Seriously, though, those are some beautiful necklaces! Dude, you’re such a square…

  2. Hah – 3 items. I’m not saying that I sit at my table and ship ship ship, I was just saying that the only time I’ve sat at the table in three weeks is to package items up 🙂

  3. Hehehe Johnny Depp!! That would make an awesome “Secret Window” necklace!Joking aside, they are really beautiful! I love the bold colors, they really pop!

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