My 4 day weekend has officially begun. I started it off with some Jazzercise (fun times) and will move on a healthy and delicious meal from Taco Bell (don’t you judge me, it’s fast, easy, and cheap). I have plans to make some items for my shop tonight so I can get some pictures taken tomorrow and get them up in my shop before heading out to the woods for a couple of days.

I know I’ve mentioned this, but I am so stoked about getting to sleep in a tent this weekend. I love sleeping in a tent. If I had my way, we’d set it up in the backyard on occasion and pretend to camp. However, Sweet Boy won’t stand for the fake camping. I just have to wait until we both have time to hit up our favorite camp site.

Perhaps I’ll post later on with some information about new items to show up in my shop or my possible participation in the Y(art) sale taking place on Etsy this week. So, come on back and read a bit more before heading to bed.

3 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. I am SO not jealous that you’ll be sleeping in a tent in 90-degree weather. I’ll be at home under my air conditioner, sending you positive vibrations.

  2. Oh, but this is in the woods – all shade, next to the river, it’s WONDERFUL. The only time I was hot out there was the end of July.

  3. Hope you’re having fun!!! Me, I prefer the soft comfie mattress on my bed. Now if I could get my mattress out into a tent… I know, I’m a wussie!

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