I’m scared.

I’m a liar. I won’t be posting anything of substance again tonight. Ghost Hunters freaked me out and I’m going to bed (the episodes filmed close to where I live always freak me out).


5 thoughts on “I’m scared.

  1. Yeah, I can’t watch those shows. They’re always so interesting in the moment, but then the show is over and it’s dark and quiet and I get freaked out.

  2. yikes, the ghosts. I know what you’re talking about. Mommycoddle had a good post about naming things her girls are afraid of (Herbert the spider, or something like that), which makes the little ones less, or not afraid of these things any longer. It made me think we could name our fears (‘oh no, that’s just Justin, the monster beneath my bed’, and ‘oh, don’t worry, that’s Paul, the axe-murderer, sneaking around the house again’), which would then lessen the fear …? Maybe?

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