Now Presenting: My New Kitchen

I suppose I overestimated my abilities to unpack and get situated into the new house. I had plans of having the kitchen completely finished by the end of the first weekend. We’re staring the 3rd weekend in the face right now and I still haven’t organized my pantry. I did manage to clean off the counters this evening. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet (and I’m too lazy to go back and check) but I love my little kitchen.

My kitchen at my first apartment in Arkansas was not small, but it’s work space was almost non-existent. That apartment was built into an upstairs bedroom and the attic of a very old house. The kitchen/dining area and the bedroom were built into the attic and the other room (yes, that’s all it had) was surely an original room in the house. Anyways, back to the kitchen, because it was in the old attic, its roof was very sloped and a bit on the short side. Prepping food was always interesting as the counter sat under a roof line that was 4’5″ high (I’m 5’7″, see the problem?). I managed to do all of my prepping and mixing on the top of some Elfa shelves with a top. Yes, small, but functional.

The kitchen in my 2nd place in Arkansas was HUGE. Probably the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had. The counter space plenty, the cabinets vast, I thought I had died and gone to kitchen heaven. I quickly learned that a large kitchen = a large mess. It was hard to keep clean as it took quite a bit to clean it. I didn’t exactly need all of that space and as we became disenchanted with the house, we became disenchanted with the kitchen (and its noisy window unit AC).

This kitchen is back to small BUT the ceilings are of normal height. So far I’ve been able to cook meals of all kinds in the space and it works just fine. Sure, I have to put the microwave on top of the fridge and the toaster has to get moved to the plug when I need to use it, but it’s plenty big and I love it. Plus, the counters are a nice shade of burnt orange. Not a color I’d pick for my dream kitchen, but a nice color considering I have a Texas Longhorn background and all.

The true test of the kitchen will come this weekend when the Sweet Boy’s mom comes for a visit. Can I cook for three people in that space? We shall see.

Oh, I do have a hooser cabinet to create an extension of my pantry. It lives in the back sun room (pictures to come much later) and will house my baking stuff and my pans.

6 thoughts on “Now Presenting: My New Kitchen

  1. Your kitchen looks awesome. Love the gas stove! I miss my gas stove from River Oaks — come to think about it, that’s all I miss from River Oaks.

  2. Oh gosh, how cute!! I LOVE open cabinets, it’s always fun to find colorful things to display… just for the sake of having open cabinets… glad to hear the place is coming together, and working nicely for you hun!;)

  3. In reply to Melodie – I would cry if I had to leave my gas stove. I’ve had one in all three places I’ve lived in AR. I’m not sure how I survived 23 years without one. It wasn’t something I had in Texas… ever. I’m impatient and want instant cooking heat – a gas stove provides me with that.

  4. Very cute kitchen! We have been in our place for 2 months now… and I still haven’t finished unpacking. I just stuck about 10 boxes in the closet and dig through them when I need something. I hate unpacking! Enjoy getting your new place set up!

  5. Yay for the new kitchen!! I think with kitchens it’s not entirely about how much space you have, but how functional that space is. When I was a kid, we had a ginormous kitchen. It was kind of an eat-in farmhouse style kitchen. The only problem was that the cabinets were on one short side and then stretched far down the longest side of the room, which made for long distances between prep areas. Half of the counter area, but wrapped around in a u-shape would probably have been more efficient. But I digress…. Congrats again on the kitchen!!

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