Slightly Embarrassed

I must say that I’m slightly embarrassed and completely ashamed that I did not keep up with a garden of any kind this year and didn’t even take pictures of my sad excuse for one. I keep telling myself it is because I knew, deep down inside, that the Sweet Boy and I would be moving mid-season. That’s a lie. I didn’t know that. It was chance that we found a house far superior to where we were and chance that we even got it.

I need to stop the lies.

Sitting in my new front yard is a collection of potted peppers, eggplants, hostas and herbs. I did manage to get some of the herbs into the ground the other night, but I stop with the mint. The peppers seem to be happy enough in the cheap, plastic Wal-Mart pots but I know they’d be happier in the ground, where they belong. The hostas also seem quite happy in buckets, pots, and cans, but again, I know that they would much rather be in the ground.

We’ve had a VERY mild past week or so. I’m not sure where August went, but it hasn’t been over 84 degrees in days. We sat for two weeks right around WAY TOO HOT, and now it’s quite nice and Septembery. Odd. Odd that the weather is so nice and odd that I’m not taking advantage of it and working on my new garden space.

Instead I disected the drawer on my vintage sewing machine cabinet that I’ve had for well over a year. The drawer had been peeked at before, but never emptied and examined. I found many good things to distract me from my garden. There were vintage buttons aplenty, needles, spools, bullet casings (?), and prescription medicine labels from the late ’60s. Yes, I had plenty to distract me from my garden and now it’s too late to go outside. I’ve been successful once again.

Oh, and I’ve been neglecting unpacking the last 4 boxes from the move. We’ll have company in two nights, I suppose I should go work on that. Enjoy my sewing machine drawer pictures.

5 thoughts on “Slightly Embarrassed

  1. OOOh, fun stuff! All that stuff was in the cabinet when you got it? At least you have some things growing. For a farmer’s daughter, I sure do have a brown thumb.

  2. Yup – all of it was in the drawer of the cabinet when I got it. All tangled into a mass. There were also sewing machine parts, some pins, and lots of other odds and ends.

  3. 4 boxes? Please! I still haven’t hung things on our wall or gotten another bed into the spare bedroom. I’m so indecisive — and I’m finally getting glass cut for all the pictures to be hung. (That turned out to be an expensive venture.)

  4. Sweetie, we lived in our last house for exactly a year, and there were plenty of boxes we just shoved in the back bedroom, because we knew we wouldn’t live there forever… though we did plan on staying until we were ready to buy a house.Take your time hun, enjoy life, even if that means digging through buttons and not gardening. I saw a kitchen magnet once, that I SO wish I would have bought, though I didn’t and haven’t seen another one since, but the message said something along the lines of…Those with clean homes live boring lives…Go live. Enjoy. Do whatever you feel like doing. You’ve been such a busy girl this summer. If gardening isn’t a priority right now, don’t beat yourself up over it. I haven’t done much either, and we just bought a house!!!One thing at a time love.♥Janell

  5. Bullet casings?? Seriously??? I dunno, though, there have been many times that a particularly difficult bit of sewing has reduced me to thoughts of violence…

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