Thank You!!!

The TransCanada Etsy Team recently held a scavenger hunt of sorts in their shops. There were a series of questions about the sellers and you had to find out which one it was by searching through their shops. I always love looking through the shops that make up other teams, so, for fun, I joined in on the hunt.

Lucky me – I won!

Team Canada is made up of some wonderful shops who sent some of the neatest things to me. A search for “Team Canada” on Etsy pulls up their shops and their wonderful items. The items you see in the picture came from the following shops:

Pinkfire Designs
Laura Bucci
Tanis Alexis
Enthral Designs
Starry Eyed Studios
My Hand Bound Books


I hope I included everyone that contributed to the giveaway in this post. If not, please let me know!!!

Take a few minutes and check these shops out. You won’t be sorry!

(and just because this little bunny guy is the sweetest thing ever, here’s a close up – from Puncezilla)

4 thoughts on “Thank You!!!

  1. Hey! Congrats on the Etsy win! I love your blog…how did you place those images of your work on the side bar? I was trying to figure out the HTML code…but maybe there is an easier way you can suggest? Thanks so much!

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