Ode to a Caretaker

It’s 9:45 PM and I feel like it’s 3AM and I’ve been awake for days. I took my mom down to UAMS today for pre-op appointment. What I thought was supposed to be some time to sign papers and meet with the anesthesiologist turned into wait here, now go across that bridge, then that bridge, then those 2 ramps, up to this floor and wait some more. Now, go hurry up and wait over there. Okay, now, let me show you where to go wait at next… you get the picture. We visited 5 offices today and it took 4 hours, but that is over with. Mom slept most of the way home (3.5 hours) and we got home in a little less then 12 hours after we left. She was tired, I am tired, and I hope that everyone who answer all of my questions over and over again go home tonight, tired. I’m just ready to get her back down on Sunday and get this surgery over with. The next couple of months are going to be rough, but we’re strong, we’ll get through it (just as long as we don’t have to head south to Little Rock every week).

My sister had volunteered to move mom to her house for a month or so. All I can say is “thank you”. She takes care of her at night… all night and also takes care of her family. Mom really appreciates it and so do I. You are truly a wonderful, wonderful sister.

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Caretaker

  1. Thanks for your note. I know you know how I feel. It’s like awesome to have one tremendous amazing day only to have it followed with a big kick in the booty. Dad had his MRI today — we’ll know more Monday. They’ve scheduled my grandfather’s biopsy for later this month.I’m glad things are starting to roll with your mom. I’m also so glad that you have a great support system! You guys are always in my thoughts!

  2. That sounds like torture, but I’m glad you’re moving along and I’ll be thinking of you guys in the months to come.

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