Another Hobby

I picked up a new hobby this morning. I can now add needle felting to the list of things my hands like to do. I’ve only made this pumpkin, but rest assured, I will be making more. In fact, a lot of friends and family might be getting needle felted goodies for Christmas.

I went to the fiber festival here in Fayetteville this morning. I watched goats, sheep, and alpacas roam around and cry out to each other “Oh look, the guy with the shears is coming, run, bleat, do whatever you can because here he comes”. It’s cute in a weird way when they catch what they are about to shear and plop them down on their bottoms and start shearing. The little sheep just wiggle wiggle wiggle their legs until they finally give up. When it’s all said in done, they don’t run off, they just get up and go about their business. I know if I tried to shave my cat, she’d be done with humans for a LONG time and I wouldn’t see her except when she needed to eat. The sheep didn’t seem to care as much.

I bought some wool, some yarn, and some new needles with penguins on them. Oh, and I also bought a super secret Christmas present, but I can’t talk about it… because it’s a surprise! Rest assured, the recipient will LOVE it.

I’m off to finish laundry so I’ll have clean clothes to take to Little Rock with me. Have a great remainder of the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Another Hobby

  1. The pumpkin rocks! I was lucky enough to go to a felting workshop a couple of years ago. Wet felting. But at the end, we did a little needle felting, and I loved it so hard. It’s freakin amazing to see a wad of fluff turn into something recognizable just by poking it.*still laughing at the image of the sheep with the wiggly legs*

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