When I first started selling on Etsy I wanted to be very professional and that meant that I thought people needed to take me seriously to accept that I make nice things, good things. Over the past year I’ve found shops on Etsy that have personalities. Beyond the pictures, beyond the items, heck, beyond the description of the items. There is a personality there. That often comes from the profile.

Before yesterday, my profile was informative and described me as a professional and as an artist or crafter or whatever I am. However, thanks to some BSing that took place with my sister yesterday afternoon, I changed my profile. It’s all the truth but not the usual “I’m just a knitting living here doing this, graduating from that, working here…”. I tweaked it, gave it personality, gave it some attitude.

I’m quite happy wtih my new profile – you can read it here: READ IT – YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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