Put On Your Red Shoes…

I had to dress up tonight for the Theatre Squared Gala. “Having” to dress up can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some people rummage through their closet until they find something, some people wear the same thing they wore to work earlier in the day, I take it as an opportunity for an afternoon of shopping. I shopped at Gap, at NY&CO, at JCPenny (not in the Mommy Jeans section for you old SNL fans) and at… and I’m ashamed to type this… Forever 21. Oh, did I say shopped? I meant that I spent money at those places. I got some stuff here, some stuff there, some shoes at that place, some jewelry at another place.

After trying everything on – again – at home, I decided on a dress I already owned and a new pair of shoes. Amazing how a new pair of shoes is all you need sometimes. Especially when the new pair of shoes are bright red, patent leather. Mmmmm. Delicious.

I’m sure I was the hit of the gala and all the ladies, and some of the men, wished they were me. All because of the shoes. It’s okay to be jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚

In all seriousness. I’m a bit disgusted that I bought as much as I did not because of what it cost, but because of how long it’s going to take on Sunday to return all that I didn’t wear… oh, I’m keeping the wool purse from Gap and the 2nd pair of red shoes. They are darker than the pair in the picture and different enough to make them count as a necessity.

But everything else is going back.

I promise.

One thought on “Put On Your Red Shoes…

  1. ok i know forever 21 pretty much sucks in terms of being a big corp and all the other awful rumors (true or not true)- but i really like their clothes. and theyre so cheap! sssh its our little secrety. ๐Ÿ™‚

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