Some new items showed up in my shop tonight – as promised (maybe just a bit late). I’ll be adding even more tomorrow night, and the rest of my new items on Wednesday. IF you’re lucky, I might even have a new knit bracelet up before the weekend.

All of this is in preparation for the Holiday Etsy Fest that I am taking place in starting Thursday. Yeah, yeah – I still haven’t come up with my sale, but at least I’m making headway on the shop inventory. I have some bracelets and many more necklace laying around, so please check back – they make GREAT Christmas gifts for your friends, loved ones and even yourself!

I’ve been extremely tired lately and yesterday I woke up with a bit of a pain in my throat. It never fails, come Thanksgiving each year I catch a cold. I’m really hoping this doesn’t pan out and it goes away. I swabbed some nasty gel stuff up my nose today (courtesy of Dianna) and supposedly that is miracle gel and I won’t get sick. Let’s hope not, I’ve got movies to watch and yarn to spin during my long weekend coming up.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and great Monday.

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