Nudge, Nudge

Just a very friendly reminder that I will be participating in the Etsy HolidayFest November 27 – December 1. Both of my shops, IdyllHands and WoolyHands will have free first class shipping – worldwide – during that time and maybe some other special sales over the course of the 4 days.

By Wednesday night, I’ll have all of my new items listed so you’ll have plenty to shop from.

I’m not the only participate in this sale, there are a plethora of shops joining in and Heather over at HeatherKnitz has organized quite the website for this sale. The website is here: Holiday EtsyFest
You can browse through the different catagories and stock up on handmade items right from home while sitting in your PJs this weekend. No need to get dressed up to go out.

Now, get on over to Etsy (starting tomorrow) and do some shopping!

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