Waiting… not so patiently

The time off of work that I’m taking around Christmas can not come quickly enough. I’ve been trying to wait patiently for December 23 to come around, but patience just isn’t something I have right now. Work has really been wearing me out lately. I’ve worked many nights over the past four weeks and that is on top of an already 40 hour a week schedule. I’ve been meeting myself coming and I’m about to crumple in a heap in my office doorway and claim defeat.

I’m basically 2 managers at work – Event Manager and Artist Hospitality/Activities Manager. Those are not my official titles but I think they would make the most sense to those reading my blog. Both of those jobs require a very full schedule during the work day full of communicating with people all over the country, chasing them down most of the time, communicating with just about everyone at work, calling people, writing things down, scheduling things, changing things, paying for things, changing things again, writing more things down, sending things out, making sure the people I sent things out to got those things, oh, change them again so update every single person you know about the change and finally, refusing to change anything else. Days like that, which are many, leave me tired and on the verge of brain dead. Aside from the above, I find myself at work many nights managing receptions, events, meet and greets, artist activities backstage, more receptions, and on and on and on. It’s great fun, but it really is a lot for one person to do.

I’ve been making my case that I can’t be both of those positions any longer. If I do really well with one, the other suffers and when I start to pay attention to the other, the first starts to fall through the cracks. I can’t help it, it’s how it goes. Finally it made sense to everyone else to begin to shift things around and special events are leaving my plate. I had to give something up and I took this job for the experience working with artists and performing arts programming. I gained some amazing experience with the special events, but I’ll let someone else gain that experience now.

Take everything I’ve said and multiply it by 4.5 years and you’ll know why I’m ready for my Christmas break. I’ll be taking about 2 weeks off of work (with a couple of days in the office thrown in for good measure) and I plan on doing some sleeping, heavy sleeping, knitting, spinning, reading, sleeping, reading, watching movies and sleeping. I’ll be surprised if I change out of my comfy clothes for anything at all. I have a fair sized collection of sleep plants with penguins on them and I plan to figure out a way to wear them the entire time I’m on break. Erin in her penguin pants NOT working. It sounds good to me.

And now I shall leave you with a bright, sunny, cheery yellow yarn. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Waiting… not so patiently

  1. Aww sweetie, it sounds like you DO need an extended vacation! Two weeks can fly by really fast, so try to be as completely lazy as possible, to make the time go by a little slower… lol.Hugs my friend. I used to work in fund raising, and a great part of that is events planning. It can be a lot of fun, but also A LOT of work, and I know all too well what you mean about changes and changes and more changes. Gah!Wishing you much bliss over the new year!♥Janell

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