Many Things

There are so many things I wish to do with my jewelry business in the near year. So many people are talking of branching out their business. Most of them are referring to finding multiple venues to sell on and while I might look into that, it isn’t my only focus. I want to branch out in the type of materials I use.

I’ve been wanting to up the material quality on my bracelets for some time now and I think with January comes a chance to do that. I want to begin to only offer them in sterling and copper. I also want to being to offer sterling earings. I’ll keep the necklaces and brass earrings as they are – I might add in a few silver necklaces, but that isn’t going to be my focus… at least I don’t think it is.

I’ve also got some new design ideas up my sleeve (I’ve already made one into something as seen above). I have not made most of them yet to see how they come across out of my head, but I hope to have to do that over the holidays.

Many exciting things will be coming, that I promise. Goodnight all!

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