At Mom’s

If you read my last post then you know that I spent this past weekend out at my mom’s. She lives on the old family farm which is nestled in the woods, over looking Beaver Lake. It’s very quiet out there. You can spend minute upon minute sitting out side listening to the birds, to the wind in the trees, and to nothing, all at the same time. You can gaze at the bald eagles that make their way down here this time of year, and dream lazily of hikes off through the trees. It’s a wonderful place, it always has been.

I did help my mom out with some small projects, but mostly I reset myself. I was able to spend time with my mom, talk with her, laugh with her and gossip with her. A few months ago, those were things that I honestly didn’t think I’d be doing right now. It’s amazing what our family has been given with the progress my mom is making and I needed, really needed this past weekend with her.

Nothing profound was discussed, nothing amazing discovered, we just sat, talked, I knit, I did some cooking, we watched tv, read magazines and just spent the weekend on the farm.

I spent evenings in awe of how bright the moon was this weekend and spent nights sleeping under the comforting quilt in the pictures here in this post. It was vacation just 15 minutes from home.

I wouldn’t have traded this past weekend for anything in the world… except for my mom to completely beat this cancer.

3 thoughts on “At Mom’s

  1. Sweetie, you and your mom are in my thoughts ALL the time. It sounds like she is in a great place to heal, and has a wonderful support group. Hang in there, and lots of hugs!p.s. I LOVE that quilt, and your new blog banner, it’s beautiful!!♥

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