Hey kids… what does the Storque bring?

It brings my bracelet for all of Etsy to see… or all who read the Storque.

Go see the article here: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/shop-makeover-series-feature-friendly-photos-3222/

I’m really excited that they chose my before and after images and am doing a happy wiggle in my chair.

For those who have followed my shop from the beginning, you know that I’ve gone through a few picture schemes. The first ones were so bad that I get embarrassed just by looking at them in Flickr. But I leave them there, they are part of my seller evolution. I went through a couple of other styles before landing with the white, sunny background that I have now for most of my items.

I’ve been playing around with lighting and props lately on some of my new designs. Perhaps another change is in the future for my shop pictures?

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