Say "hello" to my little friends

It’s official, I have fallen in love with dying wool. Each time I’ve done it, I’ve learned another thing or two about mixing colors and I can’t wait to dye some more next week. The last batch I did had more muted tones (still bright but not as neon). I added some browns and such to the colors and I love how they turned out. The ones pictured here are Desert Sunrise and Dusty Rose. Both are available in the shop.

I’ve been a bit busy this week getting ready to head out of town this weekend and haven’t had too much time to work on stuff for either of my shops. I did make some jewelry for a birthday gift and finish up some yarn, but I’ve been doing laundry, shopping (every good vacation deserves a new pair of pants or shirt or something), and organizing my toiletries because they were here and there and all in a mess. Now I just have to pack tomorrow night and we’re headed out of here early afternoon on Friday. Whew – I’m tired already 🙂

Aside from getting ready for this trip, I’ve been enjoying the crazy weather we’re having. It was warm enough for flip flops and capris the other day (but I refuse to wear either of those in public until at least the end of April) and tomorrow they forecast snow and ice. I am not complaining, I’m a winter weather lover and I say bring it on just as long as it’s cleared up in time for my drive down to Texas on Friday.

Let it snow.

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