Greetings from Austin

This will be my last post for the next week or so. Tomorrow, the Sweet Boy and I are headed south to Austin, TX. It’s been well over a year since my last visit and my heart is lonely for it. I did so much growing up there, learned so much about myself, and fell in love with music all over again while I called Austin home. Although I may never live there again and only get to visit on occasion, I will always call Austin home.

You might wonder why I don’t call the town I “aged” the most in home. Well, Euless was the place I lived the longest, 8 years, but I don’t have great memories from there anymore. My best friend is still in that area and I love her to death, but two very important people from my life there have since passed away, 2 friends I’ll never get back. It’s hard to call a place that holds that memory home.

So far, Austin doesn’t hold sad memories for me so, home it is 🙂

While there I plan to eat some delicious food (that is what you do when you go to Austin), sight see, visit friends, see new houses that friends have bought (me… jealous???), and just hang out. Oh, and I’m taking down my ice chest so I can stock up on delicious goodies from Whole Foods.

Ah, Austin, I cannot wait.

6 thoughts on “Greetings from Austin

  1. JEALOUS! say hi to all the sxsw hipsters for me :)OH hey if you’re feeling adventurous, I thought of a couple more places for you to go eat: PTerry’s (okay, that’s the least adventurous, but a cool concept), Flip Happy Crepes, and Casa de Luz. Casa is a macrobiotic vegan restaurant and it is soooo good! Oh and also Mr. Natural. Their taco salad…I craves it…

  2. Christina – I’m going to make a list and put these on it. I want to get back to Austin this summer or early fall sans the boy for some girl time and shopping/eating/hanging out. So I’ll have to check these places out.

  3. I share many of the same memories from going to school in Austin (originally from Houston). I used to work inside BookPeople next door to the old WF on Ben White/S.Lamar. Now they have a huge mega store for both BP and WF on 6th and Lamar. I miss all the cool bars and other dives, funky coffee shops, and unique Texan hippie rocker cowboy mentality. Have a great time!

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