A Grand Return

I have returned from my trip to Texas. 98% of it was fabulous and 2% was not, I’ll blog about the not part (San Antonio) later this weekend. For now, only good things. It was fabulous to see a few of my best friends. I wish I could have seen more friends, but it was a vacation for the sweet boy and I and seeing a handful of people was busy as it were, I’ll have to see the rest of you next time.

A few perks from the trip:
Toy Joy = fabulous
Kerbey Lane = fabulous
Magnolia Cafe = fabulous
Alamo Drafthouse for Slumdog Millionaire = fabulous
Walking around the UT campus = fabulous
Seeing Stephanie, Barbara and Sara = fabulous

I could go on… but I won’t. I’m never quite good at blogging about trips.
While not great at blogging about trips, I am good about gushing about fabulous yarn spun from my roving. Honestly guys, I was floored when I saw what Cloudlover did with my Royalty roving. It’s lovely, it’s beautiful, it makes my little woolly heart sing with joy. I was so excited when she sent some pictures over. I’ve been a HUGE fan of her roving and yarns for quite some time now, so I’m completely humbled that she bought my roving and spun it up.

4 thoughts on “A Grand Return

  1. Aww thanks! I’m so excited to see what else you come up with! Everything you’ve dyed up is so bright and drool-worth! 😉

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