All In A Day’s Work

I was busy on Saturday. I dyed a lot of roving – I had a count, but I’ve lost it and don’t feel up to counting them again. You can see some of the fruits of my labor above.

I was also busy today, but don’t have a product to show for it. I went out to mom’s place to help her do some things around there and to visit with her. We walked around her house for a bit and I got a TON of pictures of spring’s beauty. I love this time of you – you can see them here:

I have to admit, I’ve lost my ability to photograph jewelry. I’m not sure what happened. I used to do a great job with almost every shot coming out how I wanted it. Then I moved. I’ve struggled with good jewelry photos since last summer so I can only attribute it to moving. I just haven’t found that special spot to use as a back drop where the lighting is perfect. I keep looking but in the meantime, my poor jewelry gets ignored. I’ve got stuff to post, I make new things almost every other day, but only a few things come out good in photos. *sigh* I’m sure I’ll get my photo mojo back… someday.

If you’re wondering why I’m not posting about an herb garden update, it is because it snowed all day yesterday. Yes, snowed. Snowed yesterday and nice a sunny today. Ahhhh – gotta love this time of year. Hopefully I’ll have herb garden news to post next weekend – so stay tuned.

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