In hindsight

I should have known better. Somehow or another, the organizing/cleaning/redoing of the bedroom turned into spring cleaning the entire house. I’m not quite sure when it happened or why it happened, but I think it might have started when I found some expired salad dressing in the fridge while making out a small shopping list. That led to cleaning out the fridge which somehow led to deep cleaning the kitchen which led to moving the couch to sweep under it… yeah, I’m not sure what went wrong either.

I did get to my bedroom and I’ve got it organized like I want it. It’s still ugly, I’m not going to sugar coat it, but now I know what to do next. PAINT! I’ve got a reddish dresser that needs to be brown and a weird corner table that came with the house that needs to be brown. The room also needs curtains and end tables and more rugs, but I’m on the way to liking it.

Somewhere during the spring cleaning activities I hurt myself, badly. My right arm has been screaming at me since around midnight when I rolled over on it and woke up going “ow ow ow ow”. I’ve been very tender with it since, but still, it screams. This is going to be a damper on my spinning every day challenge, but I will not give up yet, no, I will not give up.

Onto crafting news (because I know you don’t read this blog to see which part of my house I’ve decided to organize). Sometime last week I decided I needed to participate in a fiber festival OR a different type of craft show this year. The shows locally are fabulous craft shows – HUGE craft shows – busy craft shows – but they are very generic craft shows. My scarves sell well and my jewelry does okay but I’m not sure my yarn and roving will do well locally. I’ll know more after October once they have come and gone, but in the mean time, I need to branch out. I’d love to head down to Austin for some shows down there, but they are on the weekend of a very profitable one I do up here, so those are out. There is the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle which I am very interested in and a couple in Chicago. I need to get busy and start making a list of which ones I want to go to and see if any are even possible.

Any show/festival suggestions to send my way?

Oh – I dyed some more this weekend – you can see my favorite addition to last night’s shop update above. I love this dyeing thing 🙂

One thought on “In hindsight

  1. Sorry to hear you hurt your arm. Hope it heals up fast so you can get back to spinning!

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