In case you don’t already know, unwashed wool/fleece smells like poop. Yup, like poop. Unfortunately, sheep are not animals who pay close attention to their bathing habits and hopefully good things will come from having to put up with the big stink while washing this stuff.

Okay, perhaps I’m being a bit unfair. It’s not like I walk into the room it’s sitting in right now and I smell it. I have to get right up to it to catch a sniff of that unfortunate smell, but it’s still bad.

Last night I was reminded of the fact that I have 1 pound of fleece sitting in a bag just waiting to be washed up and then spun. It’s a lovely brownish/grayish mix from a local farm (Bloomin’ Acres Farm) and I’m not sure what has taken me so long to finally get around to doing something with it. Perhaps washing sounded so daunting. It really sounds like a bit of task – wash it twice, rinse it twice, wash it some more if needed… it didn’t really sound like something I wanted to start until I was good and ready. Well, I was never going to be ready – so I chose tonight.

It’s currently hanging out in its second bath and so far, so good.

Oh, and the above picture is the before the bath picture. Hopefully you could tell by looking at it.

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  1. I guess I never really thought of the fact that when you get wool, you probably need to clean it before you can really do anything with it… gah!*giggles*But the color is gorgeous!

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