Lots to say, lots to say.

I didn’t mean to go away for an entire week! I blame the sick I somehow contracted last Sunday/Monday that knocked me down and drug me through the mud for 4 days. I think my defenses were still on vacation from my mini cold I had a couple of weeks ago because I sat at home this week with my temperature above 100 for multiple days. You’d think I’m a sickly person who catches everything… well… I don’t think I am (but I’m starting to wonder).

However, other than a leftover cough, I’m better now and back to spinning and gardening and going to work and not sleeping most of the day… ahhh, it’s nice!

This weekend was Art of Wine at work. I wasn’t in charge of the logistics of the event this year which was very nice, oh so very nice. This meant I got to help out here and there but my job was mostly to stand and smile. Oh, I did work, but nothing like last year. I’m the kind of girl that LOVES to be in charge of just about everything going on around me and I’m kind of bossy about things (yes, you know the type – I was that girl in school) but when it comes to Art of Wine, someone else can have it. I don’t need to be bossy, I’ll stand over here and smile.

Between the sick and the wine, I did manage to get some spinning in (as pictured above). I received GREAT news on Saturday morning. My sister and I will be hanging out at the Fayetteville Farmers Market not as patrons but as vendors. Yup, she’ll be selling her fabulous market bags and I’ll be selling my yarn and wool. We’re very excited. I kind of that thought in the back of my mind, the “are you sure you want to get into this – 7AM every Saturday morning” but yes, I’m sure… for now. I think it’s time to revolutionize the Farmer’s Market with my mad skills… or my ‘better than they were last September’ skills. Either way, it’s time!

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