It’s a SALE!

The Etsy Supply Street Team (ESST) is hosting this year’s Etsy YART Sale. I participated last year when it was brand new. I’m glad it’s being done again because it worked out quite well for me and I hope for the people that scored some killer bargains from me.

The sale will start tomorrow (Wednesday) and go through Sunday evening at 12PM Central or whenever I wake up on Monday and turn off the sale. I’ll have YART Sale sections in both Idyllhands and Woolyhands and also be sending a free gifty with each purchase. I might do some other “one day” sales throughout the week – we’ll see how I feel.

Oh, there are some other Arkansas artists participating for those of you who like to shop local. You can view the list of participants here: AREtsy Blog.

So come on down and do some shopping – I promise you’ll save some BIG dollar signs.

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