San Francisco skyline from Mount Tamalpais

While I still feel like I’m taking a bit of a break from things, I felt the need to blog about something very peaceful… very serene.

The summer of 2003 brought about many changes in my life. I had not been financially responsible in college and was facing that square in the face that summer (guys, credit cards do not need to have a max limit of $20,000 when you’re not working and going to school – it wasn’t completely my fault that I maxed it out), the winds were changing direction in a serious relationship I was in (although I didn’t know it) and I would soon be starting my last year of college. It was madness and I’m not sure how I handled all of it.

I did take a trip to California that summer. The main point of the vacation was to hang out in San Francisco (quite possibly my 2nd favorite place… Paris sits in spot number one), however, there was some hanging out across the bay from San Francisco and in LA as well. On the first night there, I stayed at a lovely B&B on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. I think my party was the only group there. We had a room with a balcony that overlooked Marin County, the bay and San Francisco just beyond that. The red woods were gorgeous, majestic, and quiet and the view of the city was calming for some reason.

Sometime during the night, the door to the balcony blew open. I was awakened just as the sun began to turn the horizon pink. The lights of San Francisco were still on, it was still very dark, a bit foggy, and completely calm. I stood there, not upset because I something had disturbed my sleep, but completely thankful that I was able to stand there and take all of that in. It was so beautiful… I miss that scenery. I feel like waking up to that for a week is just what I need right now.

California could use my tourist dollars… right? 🙂

7 thoughts on “San Francisco skyline from Mount Tamalpais

  1. or you could come to newfoundland!(ps i did have a screen door the other night – black flies love this province!)

  2. Hey Janell – I have a TON of vacation days… it's just a matter of using them the right way! I've thought about just taking a week off to sit at home – but then I'm still in town. California will cost a bit more than I have saved up… so that's a ways off :)Maybe I'll head south to Austin for a long weekend soon.

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