Big Return… I hope

I do believe I am done watching tv and am ready to get back to making things. I’ve been carding wool like it’s going out of style for the past few days and have come up with quite a few new lovelies. However, I’m running out of room to store them all – SO – as a welcome back to crafting event for Woolyhands, I’m offering a free surprise batt with every batt or roving purchase. That means, if you purchase three braids of roving, you get three surprise batts. See my shop for details.

I’m not sure how long this special will last… I suppose until I’m tired making surprise batts!

I’m a bit in disbelief that July is very close to being over. As much as I love what summer brings (longer days, tomatoes, other veggies, herbs) I’m not so sure I’m a huge fan of the heat. However, It seems like summer just began the other day and it worries me that time is flying by like it is. I want things to slow down, I want to just relax and enjoy. Instead of trying to figure out where in the heck last week went. Perhaps I need to take some vacation days from work and actually go somewhere. Suggestions anyone? And be realistic, I live in NWArkansas and would need to get there by car.

Well, my drum carder is calling my name so I’m off to play with wool.

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