an email

Dear University of Texas Development Department,

I write this email with some hesitation. I am a very proud University of Texas Graduate. I treasure the time I had there, the friends I made, the many things I learned, and the experiences gained from being a student of such a great University. That is why this email has been hard to write.

I completely support the new Campaign that is currently taking place, however, I do not, in any way, support the harassment that I have experienced for the past two weeks.

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from the number 512.475.7371. They asked for money for University of Texas programs, I kindly replied that I am not in a position to that right now and it was left at that. I received a call from that number the next night and almost daily since. I have not answered since the first night.

After doing some research as to where exactly this number is coming from (perhaps not from the Campaign, but I assume it is because of the timing) I have found forums where person after person has posted how irritated they are with the persistent phoning night after night, sometimes well into the evening (some calls come in around 8:45 PM). I am obviously not the only one being harassed.

This is not the best strategy to get money that people want to give. Perhaps the strategy is to harass those of us low on the totum pole until we give you the $20 we have left each month after paying the government back for the years spent at UT? If so, it might just work. I can’t imagine your high end donors are getting these calls night after night.

I just ask for an explanation as to why they come in time and time again. As a former employee of another University’s development department, I’m a bit dumbfounded as to how this system could possibly work.

Thank you,

Erin Jepson
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Class of 2004

7 thoughts on “an email

  1. Oh, sorry. We had this from the UofA for awhile, both my husband and I are grads so I think they were doing double duty on us. I don't get the method either.

  2. It was explained to me that they aren't supposed to call after I have answered… but they are! Hopefully it stops tonight. I completely understand the drive for money, but this has been absurd!

  3. Great email. 🙂 I got a call from UA asking for a gift, and said not right now, and they called again – but it was a few months later. Nightly when you've already said no is really amazing. I agree – do they think your love for your almamater is going to increase??

  4. They still called last night, I answered again and told them that two weeks ago I said no, and tonight I say no. If they call tonight it's war and I want a new UT hooded sweatshirt out of the deal.

  5. Grrr… I wish it was completely illegal for solicitations of any kind.Why our personal information is allowed to be spread and used in this way is beyond me.Fight woman, and you'll win!:)

  6. I have some good albeit circumstantial evidence that the number to which you refer is actually a scam. It wasn’t UT bugging you, it was a scammer trying to scam you.

  7. Now that I’m very removed from this situation, I absolutely think it was a scammer. I had almost forgotten about this entirely. What a mess!

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