I’m Always Reminded

hanging out with a couple of the ladies who reside in the memories of the years I write about in this post. I don’t talk to them everyday but I hope they know they have a HUGE place in my life and thankfully help make up the non-baggage memories ๐Ÿ™‚

I am constantly blown away with how a certain song will always make me remember either one event or at least one period in my life. I’m not talking about how “Barbie Girl” reminds me of high school (yes, I agree, that is unfortunate) but how one song always goes with the same memory. David Gray’s “Please Forgive Me” always reminds me of Hyde Park Bar and Grill in Austin… alway. Everytime I hear it the first thing I think of is sitting in that restaurant eating those french fries… those glorious fries and hearing this song in the background. The first 4 songs from Enya’s album A Day Without Rain always brings to mind driving home from Longhorn Band rehearsal with my windows down the fall of 2001… it never fails.

I’m just amazed how certain memories stick with you like that. It’s also interesting how almost every song that comes with a memory like that also all fall within a certain few of years of my life. A time that seems so long ago. A time that molded me into who I am today, but also a time that left many scars… scars that I’m still trying to cover up. It’s just hard when my favorite songs and albums come with baggage like that.

However, there are a small handful of songs that reach back a bit further than that. “Closing Time” always reminds me of getting a ride to the movies with a very long ago crush. I’m not sure how I worked that one out, but I liked it, at the age of 18. Funny how that song doesn’t bring up the same emotions as the others. Maybe the simplicity of a high school crush didn’t do to me what the complexity of 3 years of college did.

Maybe if I listed to newer music I’d have new memories to be reminded of. Yes, I must work on that, new music.

I’m off to do some shopping on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “I’m Always Reminded

  1. Worst picture of me ever. But we had so much fun! You were a huge part of my life! โค

  2. Whatever Mel – aren't all pictures in uniform bad? I can think of a small handful I have of me in uniform where I look terrible :)I still love that I got to see you ladies here in Fayetteville for that game ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I too can place memories with music. And, I think the more you listen to new music, the more new memories you can remember… My husband and I had just bought the new Coldplay CD last summer right before we got married, and then we listened to it on our way to and from the coast (our honeymoon weekend)… now every time I hear any of the songs on that album, I am reminded of that weekend, and how we are still happily in love. :)new music, new memories. โ™ฅ

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