New Traditions

baked goods at Christmas time

I found myself emmersed in memories of Holidays past last night as I read through my latest food porn magazine (it doesn’t matter which one, all of the November ones do this to me). I’m a sucker for all things Holiday. The period of time between Halloween and New Years is, hands down, the best time of the year… any year.

Even thought the holidays this year will be completely different than any other one in the past, I’m still looking forward to them. While I won’t be spending Christmas morning with my mom, helping her cook sweet rolls to munch on while opening presents and laughing near the fireplace, I will be spending it with loved ones. I’ll be making new traditions – traditions that will take me years into the future.

Perhaps Christmas morning will be quiet – just me and the Sweet Boy (oh, and Schmoo Kitteh… she likes new cat nip toys for Christmas). Perhaps Thanksgiving will be the same. Some might feel a strong desire to spend the first holidays after a parent dies with tons of family, but me, I’m almost looking forward to some solitude. To a quiet time with baked goods, holiday movies, spiked cider, quilts to sit under on the couch, a good book, a craft project to mess with, a quiet walk on a cold evening, yes, I look forward to all of these things, some new, some not.

Don’t get me wrong – I adore any holiday spent with family, but this year will be different and maybe what’s best for me this time around isn’t what was my favorite last year. Funny how things like that change.

And just to end, I’d like to ask that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line quit playing a Christmas song in their commercial, I just cannot stand it. You’re totally psyching me out and I must be patient, Christmas is still a few months away.

2 thoughts on “New Traditions

  1. Spending the holidays in peace might be just the thing for you this year. I actually enjoy staying home and having things simple on Christmas day etc… We spend so much time rushing from this house to that, trying to make time for this family member or that, and while it's all lovely, and needed (to spend time with family now and then) we need to remember ourselves and leave time to breathe too. Enjoy Miss!♥

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