The List Grows

My first art yarn spun on my new wheel… it was easy peasy!

Just a quick update about my new Lendrum. I love it. I love it soooo hard. Not only does it spin easily and smoothly, but I can spin coreless corespun yarns (see above) with ease. I could spin a lot of things on my old wheel, but I couldn’t do coreless corespun on it to save my life. It’s nice to know that it was the wheel, not me.

It’s been a few since I posted my list of things I want to make/do for Christmas. While I haven’t technically done anything from that original list, I have done other things that should have made it to the list. I’ve listed those below (to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something) along with some other things I’ve found that look like fun:

Half Eaten Gingerbread Man Ornament

Coffee Toffee (only without the coffee flavor)
Cookie and Cream Bark
Spiced Pecans

I’ve made 3 of the above things – see, I’m getting lots of things done!

I’ve got 4 more days of work left before I have a couple of weeks all to myself, well, to myself and to those who I want to see for Christmas. I’m getting more and more bitter by the day so this vacation could not come soon enough.

Oh – good news! I get to go see Manheim Steamroller tomorrow afternoon. We have them here at work for 2 shows and I was soooo worried I wouldn’t get tickets. I usually rely (okay, always rely) on employee comp tickets for shows I want to see. I’ve only once bought tickets and they were for a gift. I got the bad news last week that there would be NO comp tickets for employees for Manheim Steamroller because they are so stinkin’ popular and sales are through the roof. Huge bummer. WAY huge bummer. I was looking forward to going and didn’t really have the extra moola to buy a ticket. But good news, the Christmas music Gods were watching over me because I’ve been assigned to sit in on the show as a Senior Manager and because of that, I get 2 tickets. What luck! My sister and I will be going to enjoy some Christmas music. If my mom were still here, she’d be all over this like white on rice. I’m sure she’s enjoying it wherever she is.

You can expect me to be in full holiday spirit sometime around 5:45PM tomorrow once the concert lets out. It will be unavoidable and super sappy around here until at least New Years Day. Just warning you.

One thought on “The List Grows

  1. and may I say, in addition to "thanks for the ticket to MS!" an additional thank you for the tix to Spamalot last year. 🙂 You're a pretty great sister!

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