People and being nice

Some people are nice, so very nice. I participated in a Secret Santa Swap with the Phat Fiber Contributors and got my swap package today from Jennifer over at The package is full of some many lovely things – 2 things of gorgeous fiber batts, a bag to hang on my new spinning wheel, some lovely Manos del Uruguay yarn (one of my favorite yarns), an awesome bracelet made by her son, a vintage sugar and creamer set that her girls helped her pick out, and some hand salve for my poor, dry hands. I just ADORE the entire package.

I was taken aback but how thoughtful the package was. Jennifer had carded batts just for me, read my blog to find out that I want to start a vintage sugar and creamer collection, knew I love jewelry, knew I got a new spinning wheel that needed a bag, and just knew exactly the colors of fiber I adore. There could not have been a better package to come home to after a very long Friday. Go check out her shop (linked above) – she has beautiful fiber. Oh, and she has another shop at PrairieStyle with some adorable hats. So check them both out!

Now that I have 2 sugar and creamer sets, I need a shelf. In an effort to not sit around all day tomorrow, I’ll make it out to some local thrift stores in search of a shelf to hang in my kitchen with my new and growing collection on it. I love having to go in search of something at the thrift stores. It’s like going on a treasure hunt.

And my last bit of news – I’m done with work until 2010. 2 weeks of bliss. I’ll sleep in, wear PJs all day, knit, spin, bum around – it’s going to be glorious.

One thought on “People and being nice

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOO envious of your two weeks of bliss. I am fairly certain that, although I have the next two weeks off work as well, I will NOT be living in bliss. I'm kind of tired just thinking about it.P.S. That sugar and creamer set is ADORABLE!!!

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