Weren’t Sundays a day of rest?

This came home with me today:And because of that, I’m too tired to be witty and smart in a blog post – so please forgive me.

Today was spent making room for this barristers cabinet and a huge, wooden drafting table (seen below). The cabinet is for storing fiber (and since I have more than this massive thing will hold, I had a come to Jesus moment on the floor of my guest room – I have to STOP buying fiber). The drafting table is for my carding station. After making room for those, I cleaned out a VERY stinky fridge, I dug up a ton of daffodils, brought the furniture home, planted the daffodils, and moved my fiber into the cabinet and onto the table.
It was a long day. I’m in pain and I’m tired but it was worth it. Finally my guest room has real furniture instead of plastic and metal fold away furniture. I’m so grown up.

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