The rest of the story

And finally I present to you my new carding station. The empty drafting table from the previous post has finally been inhabited with fiber, tools, buttons, jars, ribbon, a scale, and my drum carder. The world is happy again and you all can go on about your business.

I haven’t used it for carding yet, just for labeling my new yarn for the Farmer’s Market. I’m waiting on a few goodies to get here in the mail and then I’m carding up 7 sets of Woolyhands Batt Club batts for April. I love my theme idea and hope it plays out in real life like I see it in my head. If not, I’ll do something else – that’s the joy of creating.

In case you lurk in social media world and have noticed I’d been MIA lately, it’s because of this – ARTOSPHERE. I’ve been working on scheduling the Chamber Music Series and the film series. It’s been a beast of a project but I think we’re almost done with the hard part and then I can sit back and enjoy my hard work. While I didn’t select or book the artists for this series, this was the furthest into programming I’ve worked so far in my career. I scoped out spaces, chose the schedule, arranged the concert times, will help design how the concerts look to the patrons, arranged the description/artist bio sheet that our Marketing team will use to promote this project and other small things that all add up to a BEAST of a project. I’m very, very proud of it.

I should be, it’s a big deal for me! Hopefully it will be a big deal for Walton Arts Center, too.

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