Oh Hai, Knife, you’re sharp… or reasons why you should sharpen your kitchen knives.

I cut my finger open tonight. YES. Open. I apparently have a kitchen knife that won’t cut through the peel of a lime but will do a good job of slicing straight through my finger nail and a good 1/8 of an inch into my finger. Nice picture I’ve painted for you… eh? I’d like to say I was slicing into a lime for a tasty margarita or vodka and cranberry – but no, it was for work. Yes, my “career” work and I was at home. *sigh* I’ve reached that point.

“What point is that” you ask. You might think it’s the point of having nothing better to do that I bring work home. But actually, it’s the point of having TOO much work to do during the day and it’s either come home with some work or stay at work with some work. I chose to come home as I’m starting to forget what being home feels like. Good thing, I’m not sure I would have made it out of work without bloodying up the back hall. Thankfully I only contaminated one lime and had 19 more to work with. Ah, it will make for a good story later.

And no, we’re not hosting a bar at work tomorrow. We’re opening the Artosphere Chamber Music Series concerts at Cooper Chapel and we’ll be serving sparkling water with slices of orange/lemon/lime (your pick) during intermission. It’s going to be fabulous, even with a bandaged hand 🙂

I think I’ve reached the “crazy about her job” stage of life. Yesterday was the first day I’ve had away from work for three weeks and this morning I was thinking “You know, it’s not really been that bad”. I have most of Saturday off but that’s it until my trip to Austin.

My trip to Austin to drink margaritas, eat superb Tex-Mex, dine on real Texas BBQ, lounge in the Hill Country sun, enjoy time by Town Lake (I’ll never call it Ladybird Lake… or whatever the new name is), roam the UT campus, cry upon my first site of the UT tower in over a year and at the Austin skyline that I love so dearly, eat Amy’s Ice Cream, try and poke turtles in the turtle pond on the UT campus, drive over the 360 bridge (at least 4 times), get overly excited at every single Longhorn that is plastered across the back of the cars, breathe in the Texas air, and just remember why I love that town so much.

Oh yeah, and to see these guys:

Sorry, more videos, I can’t help it 🙂

I’m at 9 days until go time. 9 more days… I can make it.

5 thoughts on “Oh Hai, Knife, you’re sharp… or reasons why you should sharpen your kitchen knives.

  1. dull knives are for more dangerous than sharp. True story. I'd totally do something like that 🙂 Hope your night gets better!

  2. They would send me to the walk in clinic… make me sit there for hours… put a new bandage on it. No moola for my bank roll :(And on top of that, work wouldn't be getting done while I was sitting there! 🙂

  3. Hey you know what, many of us live and love our work. It's what we do! And it's a blessing that you wake up every day to something exciting. ;)Hope you have a fantastic trip, see you soon!♥

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