My finger is healing up nicely. That’s one perk to taking your vitamins and drinking lots of water I suppose. The downside to the healing is that I can no longer play the “poor pitiful me, lookie at what I did to my finger” card. There are always ups and downs to every situation.

I’ve had a couple of nights home this week and I’ve found myself cleaning. I haven’t been able to keep up with laundry, organizing, cleaning, and keeping a nice house for the past 5 weeks because I’ve been so busy. For those of you who know me well, then you know this has probably been more traumatic for me than my fight with the kitchen knife last week. Once upon a time, back in 9th grade (or so), I woke up a clean, neat person. I’m not sure what happened from the day before, but I quit being a messy kid and started being a clean human. I’ve been that way ever since and messes bug the ever lovin’ heck out of me.

So, with my nights to myself, I’ve been cleaning and getting my life back in order. After all, I’m leaving state for a few days on Friday and I can’t leave a messy house. I am my mother’s daughter, after all.

Oh, and I’ve been cooking too. I received my first CSA box last Thursday and inside were some delectable goodies. There were strawberries, leeks, green garlic, spinach, kale, turnips, spring greens, a head of romaine and some chervil. It has been a lesson in cooking things I’m not used to cooking this week. I was most pleased with the turnips. What I didn’t toss in my mouth while cutting up were boiled and sauteed into a sweet and salty side dish that just might be my new favorite thing. Who knew I loved turnips so much. I still need to work on the greens though. They were edible, at best.

Hmmm… after reading the first part of this blog post, I realize I’ve not said much that is very interesting.




I’ve got nothing. Sorry about that. Maybe I’ll have something exciting next time.

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