Two of my favorite things

I have many favorite things. I have favorite stickers, favorite yarn, favorite decorated clothespins (quite useless but very quote), favorite songs, favorite flowers, favorite sock monkeys… lots of favorites.

Towards the top of my list of favorite things are food and wine. I’m not the kind of person who eats to sustain myself, but I adore good food. It might make me a bit more huggable than Heidi Klum, but I care not. I enjoy a good plate of pasta, a bite of fresh mozzarella, seared tuna medallions, grilled asparagus, and… well, I need not go on. We don’t have all day… and I really don’t need to comment on wine – that stuff is just good.

While this month might have been completely killer in about one million different ways, tonight will hopefully make up for some of it. I will be going to a wine dinner at a local restaurant and the menu starts with “imported cheese and meats”…. um, yes please.

There are some other things, all of which are delicious, but this dinner had me at cheese. What can I say, I’m a cheese eatin’ fool. The stinkier the better, in fact.

So, while I haven’t had time for my other favorite things this month, at least I’ll be able to partake in a couple of my favorite things tonight before heading off to the Texas Hill Country tomorrow. So, pray I don’t drink too much tonight or tomorrow will be a very, very long day.

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