My trip to Austin is behind me.

And I’m sad.

Sad because this amazingness is over:

But also sad because I’ve had the hardest time leaving that town this trip than I ever have before. Not sure if I’m ready for a change, ready to get back there, ready for more opportunities in life, ready for more options for things to do on a Thursday night… just ready. That thought scares the heck out of me. I’m comfortable where I am. I have a great job. I have a nice house (rented of course). I’m near my sister who has become a best friend while living here. It’s a small town and I know where I’m going here.

But that’s just it. I know exactly where I’m going here. There is no thrill. There is no “what will I be doing next year”. There is no adventure. Maybe I’m ready for something different. Maybe I’m ready to stand behind 5 doors and have to pick one and each one of them will lead to great things. I can’t even find 2 doors here, let alone 5.

Perhaps it’s time to take that next step in life and move back to the big city.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not changing course just yet. Things at work have been very good lately, exhausting, but good and I’d like to see where that is going for now. Plus, the sweet boy is still working his way through college here… it might be best if he keep doing that instead of be uprooted. But… we’ll see, all in good time, we’ll see.

Good news though, I’ll be back to my crafty self by tomorrow. I feel the need to get my hands into some wool and do it fast. So, my blog posts will soon have pictures of tempting wool and lovely yarns again. It’s been too long…

3 thoughts on “Itching

  1. Before I read the second paragraph I cut and pasted this: "It's a small town and I know where I'm going here." and was going to say – that's the rub. Then, you went there. :)Really, I can't see a reason not to go except to be sure that The Sweet Boy becomes a Razorback. BWaaahhahahahHA!

  2. The Sweet Boy said he'd start a blog about a Razorback in a sea of Longhorns if we moved there… I just said "You, blog? – that's almost worth moving there for".

  3. I used to feel that way about Oregon every time I would come down here for a visit… finally. I am here. It's been a challenge, considering we moved just before the economy fell apart, but we have managed to hang on, and both know that things can only get better from here. The best thing about making choices like this, is that nothing in life is permanent. You can always make new plans as you go along… ♥

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