A Love Letter

Dear Doubletree Austin,

“I am not even sure where to start with this. I booked my room at this hotel through Priceline. I was delighted to get a Doubletree room as I have stayed at other Doubtletree properties in the past and have always been very pleased with the service and rooms. I’ve also been pleased, in the past, with how I had been treated by Doubletree, even though I was a Priceline customer. I had called a week or two ahead of time to confirm that I did have a king, non-smoking room and that everything was set for my vacation. Imagine my surprise when, upon check in, I was told I was in a king, smoking room and the only other room available was a murphy bed room (who even has those anymore?). Nothing could be done and the person at the front desk could have cared less that this wasn’t what I had confirmed. Knowing that a refund wasn’t possible, I went to my room. I was shocked. Not only did it smell horrible, it looked like the room time forgot. I’ve stayed in nicer Days Inn than that room. When I go to the Doubletree Austin website to view the rooms, I see nice, Hilton rooms with nice bedding, nice furniture, modern at least within the last 10 years. This room had a tropical bedspread, broken furniture, a vinyl headboard, coffee table that didn’t match, cigarette burns in the carpet, a couch that was beyond well used… need I go on? It was terrible. Frustrated, I called the front desk again – yet, nothing they could do. So I called Priceline. After 10 minutes they were able to get me a refund. At least I got that, but now I was in a bind of finding a room, on my budget, during Memorial Day weekend. It wasn’t easy. I am so disappointed with every aspect of my time in this Doubletree. IF you are going to sell rooms through Priceline at the 3.5 star level you have to give the customer a 3.5 star room, not a 1.5 star. Basically you are selling a lie when you do that. I will not recommend this property to anyone.”

I wish I had more characters – because I had more to say. Hopefully their GM will read this, be horrified and call me because I have SOOOO much more to say. I don’t like to be duped and I’m not stupid enough to sit back and let it happen. Sorry, I might be a budget conscience vacationer, but I’m also one who reads the fine print. If I buy a 3.5 star room for $50 I should get the same 3.5 star room someone paid $160 for.

The end.

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