My Greatest Fear

Before I traumatize you with a terrible story, I’ll show you my latest yarn. It will break your heart (it broke mine).

Enough yarn.

I came to a point tonight when I found myself facing something quiet ugly.

It was hideous… scary… frightening… not for the faint of heart… and definitely not for the eyes of babes.

I reached the end of my crafty rainbow. I tried knitting and was left uninspired. I tried making a wreath and was disgusted with my progress. I even tried to reorganize my yarn and was left halfheartedly stuffing yarn into a tote and hiding it under a table. Yup, I’m done crafting for shows this year.

I have one show left on Saturday and while I have a good amount of stock left, I wanted a few new things but that’s not going to happen. I want to knit for myself, spin yarn for myself, bake for myself and making things to sell does not aid in that desire one bit. It was very easy for me to decide to be done. It’s nice when messages are clear like that.

So, for now, rest because come next week, it’s time to get started on the handmade Christmas list.

2 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear

  1. Yup, I totally hear ya. I'm not doing any shows this year, but Etsy keeps me busy enough that I hardly find time to bake and craft and do those just because things, that we should be enjoying around the holidays… maybe in January I will try a new recipe. ♥

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