Happy December

So all of you Amazon junkies (you know who you are) have you seen this? No, your eyes do not deceive you. Amazon has released what they call “Universal Wish List”. This amazing new wish list is a way to add your Etsy favorites (or Art Fire or similar) to your Amazon wish list.
Let me preface this by saying I’m not all about the getting at Christmas. Those who know me know that I’ve been playing the part of Mrs Clause for the past few years. However, it is fun to get a present you WANT and not just one that you might like. My largest complaint about Amazon has been that all of my wish list items are commercial items. If I want something handmade and from Etsy, I have to put it on my Etsy wish list which only 2 people in my family seem to know about. Now I can just add those favorite items from Etsy on to my Amazon list and presto, the entire world can shop without worry that I will love my present.
So go one, go all, run over to Amazon and start adding all of the items from my shop… er… from everyone’s shop to your wish list so those of us who play Mrs. Clause can feel good about shopping this year.

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