Something I Just Can’t Shake

Something away from the conference (but not necessarily away from my career) has derailed me today and I’m left with the life and energy just sucked right out of me. It was one of those afternoons that left me wanting to throw a fit… you know… the kicking, screaming, 5 year old throwing a tantrum in the middle of the candy aisle at your local Target kind of fit. Would anyone hear me? Yes. Would it make a difference? Not in a positive way.

I started my day out at the conference going over a list of Trade Show exhibitors. I marked the ones I wanted to see for reasons that would make sense for my venue and current position at work. Then I marked the ones who were bragging about their amazing swag on Twitter (don’t you judge me, we adults have been robbed of things like Easter Baskets, Santa Claus and trick or treating – we have to get it where we can). Then came the derailment. For whatever reason, that derailment left me staring down the aisles of the Trade Show floor with no purpose or direction. It was a sea of tables, expansive displays and one tower of cotton candy. I was lost.
A few texts of angry venting to my sister (she always listens) and I felt somewhat better. But the energy was long gone at that point. I was hoping to pick some up at the afternoon social media panel, but all I could do was focus on a grouping of individuals who seemed to mock social media with their snide questions and smirks. More energy suckers. They are everywhere today!
HELP. I need to find some positive energy and reset my brain. It’s mid-week and perhaps I’m tired, but I know it’s out there. This conference is full of it, I’ve just struck out today.
Okay, okay – that isn’t entirely true. This morning’s keynote about being overcommitted, overwhelmed and over it left me smiling from ear to ear. It wasn’t overly eye opening. I know I’m at the end of my stress level rope, but it was nice to know I was surrounded by people who also have trouble putting that smart phone down (come on, I’m not the only one out there who has to check her email at stop lights). It’s also nice to know that when given three minutes of time to do absolutely nothing bit sit and see where my brain takes me, my brain takes me around the world and back.
I was also able to meet a couple of interesting people who I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon thanks to social media since arriving at the conference. They were brief meetings, passings really, but new contacts none the less. You wouldn’t think from reading my post from a couple of nights ago that I had meeting new people in my blood. I’ll surprise even the best of you… or maybe just myself… either way, someone is getting surprised.
Thankfully, today is still young and Venues Today is hosting a Women of Influence Awards Fiesta to kick off the evening. I can’t help but think some of my positive energy will be restored at something like that. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be brave enough to find some dinner buddies.
Whoa there wallflower – you’re certainly stepping outside of your box.

(this is the fourth in a series of blog posts written while attending IAVM Venue Connect 2011 – let’s see if I can keep this up all week)
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