IAVM storms Portland

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, then you know IAVM (International Association of Venue Managers) is an organization very near and dear to my heart. I joined for the first time just 4 years ago. It’s strange to type that. Not because that 4 years has flown by, but because it’s hard to […]

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Florida, It’s Been Real

The conference is winding down. The last sessions have been held, I exchanged my last business card this evening and the swag has been packed. It’s always bittersweet at the end. I’m very ready to get back home to the Sweet Boy and the Schmoo Cat but am very sad to be leaving friends. So […]

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Machismo part 2

I’m sunburned. I’m also convinced that the sun in Florida is closer to the earth than the sun in Arkansas. It’s quite the trick, but somehow, the sun has pulled it off. I paid attention very closely to every detail of today trying to pull out snippets that would result in an entertaining and well […]

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Salamanders and the Macarena

After what felt like an entire day of travel (isn’t that the case for any trip out of a small airport town?) I finally made it to sunny and humid southern Florida. I haven’t been here since 1999 and judging by the pictures taken on that trip, it wasn’t as humid then. Although, it was […]

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This post brought to you by LMFAO

No thanks to a local Hibachi restaurant, I’ve got this song stuck in my head: Now there, you can share in my joy.  Everyday they be shufflin… true story. I’m sorry to report that I didn’t volunteer to campaign for President of the United States or anything like that today.  I’m sure you were fully […]

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A Girl and her fake press conference

Today was a bit of a mismatch.  Like yesterday, I met what seemed like 100s of people (but it wasn’t quite that many) and learned that VMS instructors like to make people laugh… especially the ones from Melbourne (as in Australia… Down Under… home of Crocodile Dundee… yeah, that place).  In an effort to concentrate […]

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And Down

Disclaimer: my humor and wit is taking a bit of an afternoon nap right now so this post might be lacking just a bit in those areas. It shall return soon, I promise. I’m writing this final conference post from the Phoenix airport. I found a very empty Jet Blue gate (they always seem to […]

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All Good Things Come To An End

The last night of a conference is always bittersweet. Every bone in my body is ready to head back to Arkansas, to the Sweet Boy, to the Schmoo cat and to my own bed, but a part of me wants to stay immersed in this environment. My brain wants the continued wealth of knowledge that […]

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Something I Just Can’t Shake

Something away from the conference (but not necessarily away from my career) has derailed me today and I’m left with the life and energy just sucked right out of me. It was one of those afternoons that left me wanting to throw a fit… you know… the kicking, screaming, 5 year old throwing a tantrum […]

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