Blogging when I should be packing

I really should be packing right now.

I even have nice, shiny new luggage to pack in (my old was obviously run over by a Delta plane).

But here I sit, writing up a new blog post.  And before I sat down at my computer, I made some dinner.  And before I made some dinner, I emptied the dishwasher/folded clothes/hung clothes/did everything I don’t really need to do and avoided packing.

I’ll go ahead and let you in on a little secret… I adore traveling (even if for business) but loathe packing.  There, I said it, I loathe packing.  At least for this business trip I’m not packing a weeks worth of business attire.  Jeans should make this process easier.

I’m heading off to West Virginia tomorrow for the International Association of Venue Managers Venue Management School.  I’m not really sure what to expect.  I’ve read all of the materials, like a good student, and then started on the review questions.  Then my heart sunk.  Many questions I couldn’t answer and I had to go back and reread that section.  Am I that far removed from college that I can’t retain text book information as easily as I used to?  Do I need to reinvigorate my brain?  Has the professional world killed my ability to learn?  I suppose it could be any one of those things.  I’m sure I’ll be fine, but still, the unknown is always a bit tricky for me.

I fully intend to keep up with blogging while there.  It’s always a good plan.  Sometimes it works (as it did last July) and sometimes it fails (anyone remember my trip to NYC in February?  No, probably because I didn’t blog much about it).  In order to fully take in this experience, I think writing about it as much as possible is going to be key.  Probably not key for you, but key for me. 

But hey, I know you’re just DIEING to hear stories from West Virginia… you just might not know it yet.

Stay tuned… I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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